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Fetch Transactions

Retrieving transaction data is crucial when dealing with NFTs and smart contracts. The Certhis SDK simplifies the process of fetching transactions, allowing you to access transaction information effortlessly. In this guide, we'll explore how to fetch transactions using the Certhis SDK.
Get Label Transaction object by label_index
await Certhis.transaction.label(label_index);
Get User Transaction object by wallet_address
await Certhis.transaction.user(wallet_address);
Get Collection Transaction object by collection_index
await Certhis.transaction.collection(collection_index);
Get NFT Transaction object by nft_id and collection_address
await Certhis.transaction.nft(nft_id, collection_address, chain_id, offset_id);
For more details and advanced usage, refer to the Certhis SDK GitHub repository.