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Business Manager

What is Certhis' Business Manager? Certhis' Business Manager is a platform that allows users to create, manage, and deploy their own NFT collections in an easy and intuitive way.
How can I create, manage, and deploy my NFT collection with Certhis? Using Certhis' Business Manager, you can create, manage, and deploy your NFT collection. You will need to log in, select your blockchain and collection type, and then follow the indicated steps.
What are mint and sale royalties on Certhis? Mint and sale royalties on Certhis are transaction percentages that you receive every time an NFT is minted or sold. For example, if your mint royalties are 2.6%, you will receive 2.6% of the sale price every time an NFT from your collection is minted.
How are total royalties and royalty changes calculated? Total royalties are the sum of all royalties you have earned from your NFT collection. Royalty changes are calculated by comparing the royalties you have earned during specific periods.
What are the different blockchains supported by Certhis Business Manager? Certhis' Business Manager supports several blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, and others.


What is Certhis Wallet? Certhis Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to create a Web3 wallet instantly using a simple email address.
How can I instantly generate a Web3 wallet with Certhis? To generate a Web3 wallet with Certhis, enter your email address and click "Create now."
What are the benefits of email registration on the Certhis wallet? Email registration on the Certhis wallet is simple, requires no password or secret phrase, and allows for easy integration on any website.
How does the Certhis wallet ensure the security of interactions? The Certhis wallet ensures the security of interactions by using an encrypted private key for each interaction.

App Store, Shopify, API/SDK, Pricing

What is Certhis' App Store? Certhis' App Store is a platform where you can find and use useful applications to create and engage your NFT community.
What types of applications can I find in Certhis' App Store? In Certhis' App Store, you can find applications to create ticketing campaigns, organize NFT drops, reward your partners involved in your outreach, and more.
What is Certhis' NFT application on Shopify? Certhis' NFT application on Shopify allows merchants to send NFTs to their customers via email as a digital version of their products, loyalty cards, rewards, digital gifts, etc.
What tools are available in Certhis' API/SDK? Certhis' API/SDK offers several tools to help developers build Web3 applications, including tools for retrieving data, deploying NFT collections, minting NFTs, managing royalties, and more.
What are the different pricing options available for Certhis products? Certhis offers three pricing tiers: the basic plan at $49/month per collection, the premium plan at $249/month per collection, and the enterprise plan with a price on request. Each plan comes with its own set of features and benefits.
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