Platform Quick Overview

Certhis Business Manager

The Certhis Business Manager provides a dynamic suite of tools designed to empower creators and businesses within the NFT ecosystem. From analytics to metadata management, Certhis offers a comprehensive solution for navigating the world of NFTs and Web3 technology.

Key Features and Menus

Overview: Analyzing Your Collection

The Overview section is your dashboard for tracking key analytics related to your collection. You'll gain insights into your holders' demographics, floor price trends, and trading volume. Stay informed with real-time data that helps you make informed decisions.

Metadata: Managing Your NFTs

Access the Metadata menu to control your NFT data.

Integration: Seamless Integration

The Integration menu opens the door to integrating your NFT collection with various modules. Connect your marketplace or single NFT directly to your website / CMS . Explore innovative ways to enhance your brand presence.

Create NFT: Bringing Creations to Life

Create NFTs effortlessly within the Business Manager. This feature is available for collections such as Loyalty Programs, Issue Certificates, and Custom Collections. Empower your creativity and distribute NFTs to engage and delight your audience.

Royalties: Managing Earnings

Easily manage royalties within the Royalties section. Fine-tune and optimize your earnings from each sale or resale of your NFTs. This functionality ensures creators are fairly rewarded for their contributions.

Sales: Strategic Whitelisting

The Sales menu empowers you to manage whitelist settings and collection sales. Take control of the sales process, tailoring it to meet your objectives while maintaining accessibility and exclusivity.

Explorer: Tailored Collection Info

Customize your collection information for Certhis Explorer in the Explorer menu. Showcase your collection's unique attributes, reinforcing its identity within the Certhis ecosystem.

Smart Contract: Ownership Management

In the Smart Contract menu, view your smart contract details. Additionally, a new feature allows you to seamlessly transfer the ownership of your smart contract when needed, ensuring your collection's security and evolution.

Analytics: Holistic Holder Insights

Explore detailed holder analytics within the Analytics menu. Gain a comprehensive view of your collection's community engagement and demographics, enabling you to tailor strategies effectively.

Gates (Coming Soon): Token Gate Feature

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Gates feature, designed to enhance your collection through token gate functionality. This exciting feature will offer new ways to engage with your audience.

Apps: Enriching Your Collection

Connect utility apps to your collection through the Apps menu. Enhance user experiences by offering value-added applications that elevate engagement and interaction.