Standard Collection

Certhis offers a type of NFT collection called a "Standard Collection" which allows users to create a large number of unique NFTs all at once. This is useful for those who want to create a large collection quickly and easily, without having to individually mint each NFT. To create a random bulk collection, users can specify the number of NFTs they want to mint, as well as the minting and resale royalties they want to set for their collection. Once created, users can manage their collection and track its analytics on their Certhis dashboard.
The minters will not know which specific NFT they will receive. This adds an element of surprise and excitement for the minter, as they are unable to predict which NFT they will end up with. This feature is particularly useful for creators who want to offer a variety of NFTs within a single collection, without the minter knowing exactly which one they will receive. It is also a unique and engaging way to sell NFTs, as the element of surprise adds an additional level of interest and excitement for potential buyers.