Q: What is Certhis? A: Certhis is a platform that simplifies NFT royalties for creators. It allows users to manage their NFT collections and earn lifetime royalties on NFT sales.
Q: How does Certhis work? A: To use Certhis, users first need to create an account and connect their wallet. They can then choose a blockchain network and create a label for their brand. Under this label, users can create NFT collections and set the royalty percentages for the mint and resell of their NFTs. They can also connect utility apps to their collections to offer additional rewards and privileges to their customers.
Q: Can I use Certhis with multiple collections? A: Yes, users can manage multiple collections under a single label on Certhis. This is useful for businesses and artists with multiple collections.
Q: How do I earn royalties on Certhis? A: When a user creates an NFT collection, they can choose the royalty percentage for the mint and resell of their NFTs. These royalties are automatically paid out to the user whenever their NFTs are sold.
Q: What is the Certhis utility app marketplace? A: The Certhis utility app marketplace is a collection of apps that users can connect to their NFT collections. These apps offer additional rewards and privileges to NFT holders, such as private access to events or special sections of a website.
Q: Why should I sell my NFTs on my own website ? A: Selling your NFTs on your own website can provide many benefits, such as increased control over the sale of your NFTs, the ability to promote your other products, and the ability to avoid paying fees to third-party NFT marketplaces. Additionally, having your own website allows you to create a unique, branded experience for your customers and can help increase your sales and exposure. Without your customer to leave you Website for another one and get exposed to products of other companies.