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Certhis offers a comprehensive royalties management system that empowers creators and asset owners to earn rewards from the resale of their NFTs. This system ensures that creators receive a fair share of the value their creations generate in the secondary market.
Key Features:
  • Mint Royalties: Creators can set royalties to earn a percentage of each initial sale (mint) of their NFTs. This feature ensures that creators continue to benefit as their NFTs change hands.
  • Resell Royalties: Asset owners can earn a portion of the proceeds each time their NFTs are resold in the secondary market. This feature incentivizes long-term ownership and loyalty among collectors.
  • Affiliation Royalties: Creators can reward affiliates or partners by setting affiliation royalties. This mechanism encourages collaborations and partnerships within the NFT ecosystem.
  • Co-Creator Royalties: In cases of collaborative creations, royalties can be distributed among co-creators according to predefined terms, ensuring fair compensation for all contributors.
  • Deactivate Royalties: Asset owners can choose to deactivate royalties for specific NFTs if they wish to offer them without resale royalties.
  • Fair Compensation: Creators and asset owners receive fair compensation for their contributions, even as NFTs change hands in the secondary market.
  • Incentives for Long-Term Holding: Resell royalties encourage collectors to hold onto their NFTs, fostering loyalty and value retention.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Affiliation and co-creator royalties open doors to collaborative opportunities within the NFT ecosystem.
The royalties system on Certhis ensures that creators, asset owners, and collaborators are appropriately compensated for their contributions and provides incentives for long-term engagement and collaborations.